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About K-9 Search & Detection, LLC

Located in New York, K-9 SEARCH & DETECTION, LLC primarily provides explosive detection / bomb sniffing, and Narcotic / Drug detection dogs to Metropolitan New York, and the tri-state NY, NJ, CT area. K-9 Search & Detection, LLC is available for immediate deployment anywhere at any time.

Please take a few minutes and view our website. We have included information on Explosive Detection Dogs, Narcotic Detection K-9’s ( Drug K9 ), Information on becoming a Canine handler, Information on Explosives, Bombs, IED’s, and how K-9’s are used as an effective countermeasaure, and information on Drugs, Narcotics, and Controlled Substances, and how our sniffer dogs provide essential services to the public and private sector.

We also offer Dogs for Sale. This includes Bomb Dogs and Drug Dogs. We are a major supplier of trained Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retrievers for detector dogs to the security industry. We also offer K9 handler and instructor training and certification.

We provide bomb dogs, bomb dog training, bomb dog handlers and bomb dog handler training. We also provide drug dogs, drug dog training, drug dog handlers, and drug dog handler training. Our K-9’s detect narcotics and explosives. We offer the highest quality of Explosive Detection Dogs and Narcotic Detection Drug Dogs. We provide K-9 Services for corporate security, executive protection, dignitary protection, mass gathering events, sports and entertainment venues. We provide bomb dogs and drug dogs to detect explosives and narcotics, and provide K-9 Services to schools, offices, stadiums, Ports, Airports, and anywhere K-9 Services are required. At K-9 Search & Dectection, Inc. we take the risk of terrorism seriously. We offer our K-9 services to corporate and private security, and train and sell dogs to Police K-9 units for narcotics and explosives detection units. Please contact us for information on our K-9 handler or training program for dogs.

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