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Security Companies

Did you know that the cost to start up a K-9 Unit can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars?

K-9 Search & Detection, LLC partners with Security Firms to provide “Third Party” Services.

K-9 Search & Detection, LLC will present themselves to your customers as your company’s K-9 Detector Dog Unit.

  • We handle the costs and aspects of maintaining a full staff of Working K-9’s and Handlers.
  • We handle the transpotation of K-9’s and Personnel.
  • We offer your company special pricing.*

The only thing you do is promote your new K-9 Unit to your customers and bill them for services accordingly!

It works both ways!

Likewise, when a customer of ours requests Security, Executive Protection, VIP protection, Guard or Patrol Services, K-9 Search & Detection, LLC will reach out to its Partner Companies and refer all jobs to those companies.

*Special rates apply for recurrent services only – please contact us for additional information.

    K-9 Search & Detection, LLC