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K-9 Search & Detection

Providing effective, reliable and economic Detection K-9 Solutions has helped K-9 SEARCH & DETECTION, LLC to establish itself as a leader in the Canine Security / Training industry. Our unique utilization of cutting-edge technology combined with our expansive network of dedicated K-9 Trainers & Handlers, allows us to provide some of the highest quality World-Wide Canine Detection Services.

We also train and sell working dogs as well as provide handler training for law enforcement and private security agencies in the U.S., Canada, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Japan, Costa Rica, Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

We believe that our company can design and implement a cost-effective program of dog detection coverage that will offer not only the highest degree of flexibility through multiple pricing options, but also provide the greatest deterrent possible.


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K-9 Search & Detection, LLC

Canine Detection Services

K-9 SEARCH & DETECTION, LLC is one of the nation’s largest private canine detection companies – and the oldest canine section company in the New York Tri-State area – with the unique capability to train its dogs to detect countless types of contraband. We can customize a program to fit the specific needs of your company.

Explosives Detection Dogs

The most important aspects of explosive detection are accuracy and reliability. K-9 SEARCH & DETECTION, LLC‘s K-9s are able to immediately detect both small and large amounts of explosive odors, and can therefore speed up the process of facilitating an appropriate emergency response.

Canine Detection Services

The possession and use of illegal substances is not just a health problem, but also a safety problem, especially in schools and businesses where the potential for negative consequences is high. We can help you take a pro-active stance in minimizing the presence of illegal drugs and preserving the safety of everyone involved.